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Jacobs talks roads, parks and federal aid

Priority: “My priority is to promote good jobs, and our challenges are where to put the businesses and where to put the people.” Land is needed for businesses and homes. Also, he’s working with the Knox Education Foundation to create “next generation learning” in area schools – to bring businesses into schools. And he’s working with trade groups to beef up Career and Technical Education opportunities for those for whom a four-year college is not the best choice.


Knox County Mayor Glenn Jacobs aiming to bring Term Limits for Congress

Glenn Jacobs, Mayor of Knox County talks to Ben Hall about his work with US Term Limits, and how they hope to bring Term Limits for members of US Congress. For more information head over to


Knox County mayor backs bringing term limits to offices at all levels of government

Knox County Mayor Glenn Jacobs is putting his support behind an effort to put term limits into law, even for Congress.

Mayor Jacobs held a joint press conference Tuesday with a group called U.S. Term Limits. Their aim is to keep public offices turning over and give voters more access to the election process through bringing term limits to offices at all levels of government.

He pointed out that Tennessee’s House of Representatives has passed a resolution to call for a constitutional convention. It still needs a vote in the Tennessee Senate.

Mayor Jacobs says, “Once that’s passed Tennessee will become the fifth state out of the 34 necessary to call a constitutional convention to term limit Congress.”

He adds it would be up to convention delegates to figure out exactly how long those congressional term limits would be. Whatever comes out of the convention would still need to be ratified by the states.


Mayor Jacobs to host kids’ trivia night

“We’re excited to try this out for the first time,” said Mayor Jacobs. “The library has prepared a list of books to help kids prepare for the questions so they’ll have a better chance at taking home a prize. Exploring our history is an important part of becoming an engaged citizen we think this will be a fun way to do it.”


Mayor Glenn Jacobs feasts on cicadas

Knox County Mayor Glenn Jacobs joined the morning radio show “The Starting Lineup with Tyler and Will” for a cicada feast Wednesday.

During the morning show, Mayor Jacobs joined WVLT’s Harry Sullivan and the radio hosts to taste chocolate-covered cicadas, buffalo cicada dip and cicada tacos.

Jacobs said, in the beginning, he was a little leery of the idea of eating cicadas. After trying the insects, Jacobs said they turned out to be, “pretty good.”

“You gotta admit, it was delicious,” Jacobs said in a tweet.

The cicada feast marked the return of Mayor Jacobs’s weekly, “Eat and Greet,” series.


Andrew Johnson building closer to becoming “the AJ Hotel”

The building is currently owned by the county and brings no tax revenue. In February 2020, Knox County Mayor Glenn Jacobs estimated it would cost taxpayers more than $20 million to update the building, including make it compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act, for future school district business. The county also estimated $300,000 in annual savings from moving KCS.


Knox County Mayor Glenn Jacobs announces he will run for reelection in 2022

“Four years ago, I pledged to stay true to my conservative values as mayor. Nobody could have envisioned a pandemic and the economic shutdown that followed, but I’m proud Knox County has been able to weather the storm without a tax increase,” he said in a statement Monday. “By tightening our belt and making smart cuts, we balanced our budget while continuing to make forward-thinking investments in our community. If reelected, the public can expect four more years of leadership with conservative values top of mind.”


Glenn Jacobs, WWE’s Kane, wins mayor’s race in Tennessee

Jacobs, a Republican who also runs an insurance and real estate company, was leading Democrat Linda Haney by a large margin with most of the votes counted in Knox County on Thursday. The Knoxville News Sentinel reports Jacobs claimed victory at his watch party, saying his decision to seek the mayor’s job was met at first with “pretty resounding laughter” from some politicians.


WWE wrestler Kane (Glenn Jacobs) wins primary, is GOP nominee for Tennessee mayoral race

WWE wrestler Kane, real name Glenn Jacobs, won a Republican primary race Tuesday in Tennessee, becoming the GOP nominee for the next mayor of Knox County.

Jacobs, who edged Brad Anders by just 17 votes, will battle Democrat Linda Haney in the general election Aug. 2. Jacobs’ win is secured but won’t be official for a few days due to the slim margin of victory and several provisional ballots to be counted.