Meet Glenn

Growing up in a military family, Glenn learned the value of hard work, determination and respect for our precious freedoms. These principles continue to guide his life.

Prior to being elected Mayor of Knox County, Glenn spent more than 20 years as a professional wrestler, most notably as WWE Superstar and three-time world champion Kane.

After a Hall of Fame career as a professional athlete and a few decades as a small business owner, Glenn felt called to run for Mayor of Knox County to help others reach their full potential. In 2017, Glenn answered the call to serve and was overwhelmingly elected Mayor of Knox County in 2018.

As Mayor of Knox County, he has demonstrated strong, conservative leadership and focused on telling the rest of the world what Knox County citizens already know: Knox County is the best place to live, work, and raise a family. Under Glenn’s leadership, Knox County has added over 2,500 jobs and seen $217 million in capital investment. He remains committed to creating opportunities for everyone to thrive in an engaged and vibrant community by prioritizing jobs, education and recreation.

Glenn knows that the best way for businesses to grow and create jobs is by getting the government out of the way. That’s why when the Knox County Board of Health tried to implement burdensome mandates, Glenn stepped in and fought for Knox County businesses. He led the fight to keep businesses open while much of the country was locking down.

Additionally, while other towns, cities and counties across the country raised taxes during the pandemic, Glenn held firm and didn’t increase taxes. By tightening our belt and making smart cuts, Glenn balanced the budget while continuing to make forward-thinking investments in our community. He’s provided raises for teachers and law enforcement officers, created three new schools and turned our county into a Second Amendment Constitutional County.

Now, Glenn is running for re-election as Mayor of Knox County. He is committed to strengthening our local economy, recruiting businesses to Knox County, continuing to pay down the debt, keeping our taxes low, eliminating unnecessary mandates, speaking out against the ongoing border crisis that has affected Knox County, supporting our local law enforcement officers, keeping our communities safe and protecting our conservative values.

Glenn is honored to serve such an incredible community, and he would be humbled to have your vote and support. With Glenn Jacobs as Mayor of Knox County, Tennesseans can expect four more years of strong leadership.

Glenn and his wife of more than 25 years, Crystal, live in Knox County with their family, including two daughters, two sons-in-law, two grandchildren and five dogs.